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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Obama's List...Full Of Promise & Promises To Keep

Many people are weighing-in on what American President-elect Obama should have on his "to-do" list once sworn in as President on January 20th, 2009... folks are suggesting many things such as overhauling the government bureaucracies to reduce wasteful spending, focusing on the economy, maintain the war in Afghanistan to keep terrorism at bay, health care reform, education reform and environmental issues among other things. It appears there are two general areas of concern that he identified during his campaign that need to be addressed...foreign and domestic policy. Based on his campaign promises these seem to be the issues he will tackle initially...

Foreign Policy Issues:
(promise: withdraw US troops from Iraq within 16 months of taking office)
-DIPLOMACY (promise: to use diplomacy instead of force to resolve disputes) Afghanistan/China/Iran/Middle East/Pakistan/Russia)
-TERRORISM (promise: close detention facility in Cuba and have the Justice Dept review terrorism monitoring/policing policies)

Domestic Policy Issues:
-CRIME (promise: hire 50,000 new police officers nationally)
-ECONOMY (promise: implement the Congress-approved $700 billion rescue program/90-day home foreclosure moratorium for companies accessing the bailout plan monies/suspend tax law on 401K plan withdrawals/supports a second stimulus program for the economy)
ENERGY (promise: spend $15 billion a year on alternative energy and related job creation; support major development of alternate fuels)
ENVIRONMENT (promise: rescind decision by Bush to forbid California to put limits on vehicle greenhouse-gas emissions and a 10% reduction of carbon in gasoline by the year 2020)
EDUCATION (promise: $4000 college student tax credit in exchange for community service-cost estimated at $19 billion; tie teacher pay raises to student performance)
HEALTHCARE (promise: use government subsidies to help low income people buy health insurance)
IMMIGRATION (promise: fine the 12 million people currently here illegally and make them pay taxes and get them oriented to become US citizens)


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