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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Obama's Cabinet Nominees Still In Turmoil

President Barack Obama has now filled nearly all of the major posts in his new administration...but some shuffling of people chosen is still going on. More turmoil in the choices occurred today, February 3rd when Republican Senator Judd Gregg was announced as the nominee for the Commerce Secretary cabinet role. Ironically, Mr. Gregg voted to abolish the Commerce Department in 1995!!! At least half (8) of the 15 Cabinet appointees are millionaires. Now, Tom Daschle has just withdrawn his name for the Health and Human Services Secretary this after only several hours ago that Nancy Killefer, who had been picked by Obama to serve as the country's chief performance officer, had withdrawn from consideration for the post. The 15 Cabinet members and four other Cabinet-level officials (the U.N. ambassador, E.P.A. administrator, budget chief and trade representative) remain subject to Senate confirmation. Click this link for the latest nominee profiles and photos as well as confirmation status regarding the Obama Cabinet. Also here is the slideshow of Obama's staff on Vanity Fair.

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