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Monday, March 23, 2009

Obama's First 100 Days: 63 Days In & Counting

We are 63 days into the administration of President Obama...and where does the American public's approval rating on him stand regarding the following categories such as Overall Administration, Economy, Energy, Healthcare, Education, Military Conflicts, Diplomacy, Domestic Security??? Personally, the only guide-stick I am using to determine his success as a President is simply that if Obama can keep Americans safe for the duration of his term, then I will consider him a more than adequate leader of our nation. The many other challenges that face him I hold as a distant set of items that need his attention...keeping us safe from threats of any kind, especially on our soil should be his prime concern...because a safe America will be a strong America. According to the latest CNN polls the aforementioned categories show approval ratings as follows (click on the image at left to get a better view of the results in a pie chart format):

OVERALL: 64% approve / 34% disapprove / 2% no opinion

ECONOMY: 59% approve / 49% disapprove / 1% no opinion

ENERGY: 63% approve / 33% disapprove / 4% no opinion

HEALTHCARE: 57% approve / 41% disapprove / 2% no opinion

EDUCATION: 65% approve / 30% disapprove / 5% no opinion

MILITARY CONFLICTS: 67% approve / 29% disapprove / 5% no opinion

DIPLOMACY: 66% approve / 28% disapprove / 6% no opinion

DOMESTIC SECURITY: 61% approve / 35% disapprove / 4% no opinion


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